Local products of Drama



The Prefecture of Drama provides many experiences for the visitors, due to the attractions, the delicacies and the wide variety of local products they can put in their suitcase, going back home.

The Municipality of Nevrokopi is on the border with Bulgaria. It has a rich mountainous beauty and various, impressive, local products. Potatoes of Nevrokopi are of excellent quality throughout the Greek territory and it is a protected product for its designation of origin (P.D.O.). If any of you happen to find themselves in Nevrokopi - in September - will absolutely have fun at the potato festival – which is organized by the dwellers and the Nevrokopi municipality every year.
Many people prefer the taste of Nevrokopi beans. Potatoes and beans are the main source of income of the municipality and due to the low temperatures in winter, are special products just for their flavor.
Let's not forget the important livestock activity in the area. So, before you run the visitors browsing Nevrokopi, they should try the famous sausages of Volakas, the highest quality meats, cold meat cuts and cheese of the region. Finally, the wild hunt is attractive in winter for those who like hunting.
There are picturesque taverns in all villages of Nevrokopi municipality, which encourage the visitors to play this game of tastes and pleasure. Not to mention how important is the marble mining in Volakas, Ochyro and Granitis, and finally, the rich forests of the region, thanks to massive timber.
Lovers of tradition can visit Volakas for the handmade dolls and Pagoneri for the traditional weavings.
We continue the trip in Drama prefecture! Next stop is Prosotsani Municipality, which lies between Aggitis River and the two important biotopes - for Greece and the Balkans – Falakro and Menikio. In this wonderful environment, the dwellers of Prosotsani municipality - respecting the natural beauty – have active in several areas and offer a wide range of local products to the visitors. The rich flavor of cheese and sausage (with emphasis on kavourmas – roasted meat, preserved in fat) in Petroussa and the wine in region of Kokkinogia, constitute temptation for the lovers of good food.
Just before the winter comes, visitors can pass through Mikropolis, a picturesque village in the municipality of Prosotsani - which is famous for its delicious chestnuts - and celebrate with the dwellers, the chestnut festival that takes place there.
Just before the end of fall (5 November), you may attend the celebration of tsipouro (a strong alcoholic beverage, prepared from the fermented and distilled marc), that takes place in Kali Vrisi. The exceptional quality of Kali Vrisi’s tsipouro, is a perfect aperitif.
We find mining marble in the municipality of Prosotsani (Pyrgi-Petroussa), as well as the cotton production in Fotolivos, where the cotton feast takes place in September. Visitors can gather herbs and aromatic, free from chemicals, rich in therapeutic and other properties, from the beautiful Falakro Mount, which they may taste and get.
Finally, the road leads us to our beautiful city, the Municipality of Drama. It is worth to try the famous feta (Greek cheese) and our dairy products, meats, cold cut meats, the rich variety of fresh vegetables and the known blueberries with their beneficial therapeutic properties in diabetes. Visitors can also taste the wines of Mikrochori and will surely want to enrich their cellars with some of them.
For food lovers, just a visit to Sidironero is enough to try wild meat hunting or mountain trout, which is an excellent choice! Do not forget to try the unique peinirli with souvlaki, while your stay in our city. We cannot miss to mention the mining marble (Monastiraki-Xiropotamos), because the Prefecture of Drama is very rich in deposits of marble.
Visitors leave the City of Drama and then, meet the beautiful Municipality of Doxato, with its traditional villages and the architectural monuments. Thanks to the rich soil of the area, thrive excellent grape varieties and as a result, they give the exceptional wines and tsipouro of the region’s Market Kyria. The tradition of halvah continues nowadays. Thus, we have the famous halvah of Kyria, where everyone can choose the flavor they prefer, through a wide range of products.
The Corn Festival of Kalabaki in the summer confirms the strong corn productive activity.
If something worths to get - for the visitors - this is the pomegranate juice, which is produced the last years in Agios Athanasios. A few kilometers away from Agios Athanasios, we find the beautiful Kefalari with the cool rivers, famous for its local trout.
The last stop of our trip is Paranesti Municipality. It is a mountainous area, rich in vegetation, colorful and unique, because of the natural beauty. Livestock farming and logging are the main activities of the dwellers. Apart from logging and livestock products, Paranesti Municipality has a strong activity in wineries. Downhill to Andriani, visitors can find one of the largest wineries in our prefecture and obtain wines of high quality.
If visitors want to meet one aspect of our tradition, they may visit Peliti in Mesochori, where they can obtain free, the traditional seeds that want to cultivate.
The visitors, completing their journey on the path of local products of our prefecture, should also know the products of local women's cooperatives, made with love and fresh ingredients of the region.